VOIP Services

Voice Over IP can offer a business with multiple locations the ability to provide excellent customer service by seamlessly connecting several offices through telecommunications solutions. A business can reduce its cost by a significant amount with VOIP. Planning your voice network continuity is made easier thereby protecting your organization in the case of a site disaster. Center City Communications can show you how to benefit from this technology in hybrid or SIP form. Read more...

Wireless Technologies

As more of your workforce make sales, provides customer service and telecommutes from home, communication become more vital.Employees need to stay connected to their home office, their desktops and applications from their office servers such as email, logistics or accounting information. These can be accessed by devices such as laptops, tablets or smart phones. These devices need to be managed and protected while still allowing users to stay productive. We can provide this for you Read more...

Cloud Back-up & Recovery

Organizations are realizing that tape recovery, whether it's local or off-site, is neither reliable nor cost effective. We can provide you with a better self healing, redundant solution where your data is securely mirrored in several states for maximum protection. Your organization will have access to your backups at anytime and can securely backup and provide recovery down to your smart phones for any operating system. Read more...

Mobile Communications Anywhere

Communication for mobile professional is essential in today busy and extremely demanding world. We have to be constantly connected to respond to internal and external customers. With new devices consistently being developed to speed up more data access and the ability to handle more relevant applications for the user. A corporations IT security professionals are also faced with security issues of mobile network vulnerabilities.


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Responsive Web Design

CMS Website Development

Center City Communications will help develop a CMS website for your organization that is completely customized to your business needs. Having an updated web site will not only complement your business but can potentially increase your business revenue and visibility. Most consumers are researching and buying products using the web and without a solid web presence your business is missing out on potential revenue.

Mobile Applications

mobile cloud applications

Mobile Applications

In the corporate world with sales people on the road or field technician providing excellent customer service. The company needs a way of setting up custom or predesigned applications that allow its personnel to to do there jobs effectively. They can also update the software, change features and change the interface with automatic update from the cloud. This allows companies to provide ubiquitous updates without a geographic limitation. Something that would have taken weeks or months to do in your corporate environment, can be done in minutes whether employee's are in New York and California.

Hosting Services

Superior Hosting Services

If you are looking at hosted software thereby getting rid of the capital outlay for new version and upgrades. We can provide you with unlimited upgrades and version with a minimal fix and predictable cost per month. Center City Communications is more than happy to do an analysis of your corporate needs and develop and cohesive plan for all of your sites. This will allow you employees to access the planning, accounting, productivity software applications from anywhere in the world.

MPLS/Data Services

MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching is widely use by many businesses from Enterprise to SMB to route data in the most efficient manner possible between multiple locations securely.

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Internet Security Services

Internet Security Sheild

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If you have a web presence or employees that need to access the web on a consistent basis. You need to protect your organization from spam, malware, spoofing and virus.

Center City Communications can help protect your LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) Including your mobile devices that are connected to the networks. Leaving your business unprotected can cost sales and good will toward customers.

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